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A few questions:

1) For ship methods, how can I show them in a radio button list instead of rectangles to help condense the options and make it more readable?

2) I'm using a dark blue theme and the icons such as + / - etc are black. Can these colors be changed?

3) How can I control what shows for social media icons on the left without code editing?

14 days ago

Thank you for the timely support and taking a look. It was the foxnetsoft stickers that caused the issue. Disabled and it's now fixed.

14 days ago

Thank you. I'll open a ticket and give you access. I'd love to know how to make your theme look amazing!

14 days ago

I inspected the CSS and don't see any control of the product image sizing so it seems that's what can cause this. Maybe a max height CSS control is needed to prevent tiles from growing beyond a desired limit but also a min height for tiles as well? Should not be hard to reproduce by using various product images of different heights. I look forward to your revision or recommendation for a fix as I also see this with your Prisma theme I bought as well.

17 days ago


I really like symmetry and I'm not sure why the products listed in a category all have different size tiles. I can't make all images the same height and width. Is there a way to fix this?