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9 months ago

I am using the Emporium Theme. When a user navigates to any page away from the home page without logging in to the site and then they try to login using the "My Account" login form top right corner of the theme they are redirected to the Home page away from their last page. Is there a way to ensure that the user stays on the current page after sucessful login?

We found that if you have lots of categories with deep tree branching the theme has issues loading the categories on Apple devices. As an experiment you can turn off all your root categories and then test load your site on the Apple devices. In our case the theme worked fine with all categories turned off. You can then turn on smaller tree categories which should allow the theme to continue to load on the mobile devices. We continued this process until we realized the depth of the category tree was causing the issue. This continues to be an issue in our Emporium theme as well.

baltavarna wrote:
Hello ladies and gentlemen. We have problem with iPhone safari browser, when we try to open website it opens but then it disappiers, background becomes black. We were testing some emulators on windows and every thing is fine on emulator, but once we try to load website on iPhone (we have 12 and 13) it's not loading.

We also deleted bundle folder files and it was working. now folder - bundles is empty but we still can not open site on iPhone.

Also we try to check/uncheck HTML minification but nothing has helped

Big big thanks to this comunity ! Have a great day

Was this above issue resolved? I am facing the same issues using the Emporium theme and iPhone devices and I am using the version.