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4 months ago

I think i figured most of it out now. I didn't get any errors at all when i installed it. I'm well on my way now.


4 months ago

I'm very new to NOP and NOP Themes. I've worked through publishing NOP 4.3 using Visual Studio 2019 and Microsoft Azure. The website and SQL are both hosted on Azure. I just uploaded the theme and plugins today. I installed everything in the correct order. I paused after the initial upload of the ZIP file since the documentation said that the upload would not work if NOP was hosted on Azure. When i checked via FTP, everything was there. Can you confirm this is okay now? I installed all of the additional plugins as well. I was using a fresh install of NOP 4.3 and after the them install i added a logo and one product but the theme made absolutely no changes to the store front end at all. I saved my simple changes and restarted the application but no changes were seen. Being new to NOP and it's themes I must be missing something stupid so could someone fill me in on it? Maybe i do need to FTP the files after all? I just assumed the whole site would automatically take on the new theme. Is there a place in Administration to select which master theme to use?  Thanks for your time.