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2 years ago


I have an anywhere slider on my home page which is spanning the entire home page. The image resolution isn't great and it makes the image look terrible, could you please tell me what the custom head CSS would be to limit the image resolution for Anywhere slider images?

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2 years ago


Thank you for your reply. I discovered the error, my Theme download was version 3.3 and and my NopCommerce installation was 3.4. I downgraded my NopCommerce to 3.3, then included the Theme and Plugin folders in Visual Studio when I published the app and everything works fine.

2 years ago

I have NopCommerce running on an Azure VM. After unzipping NopPavilionTheme_4.3.360.32357, I placed the Plugins into wwwroot\Plugins, and I placed Pavilion folder wwwroot\Themes.

Everything seems to be working fine, except for when I view the site on the largest possible screen size the CSS styling seems to disappear and the home page looks incorrect. For example, the home page displays the text "SEVENSPIKES.THEMES.PAVILION..." for all the links. Had anyone seen this before after installing a theme?