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18 days ago

Hi guys,

our team noted your API Plugin. We'd love to use it for our code but it's currently written in .Net core API 2.2 and built for version 4.2.

Our engineers are wondering if there documentation on steps to upgrade it?
Or rather, is your team planning an upgrade to the plugin anytime soon?

21 days ago

Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the right location for this topic.

I wanted to ask, our team was hoping of implementing our own increase/decrease quantity feature for our product store which uses the Emporium theme. Essentially, we will have a plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to increase and decrease quantity for particular product.

We are hoping of doing this on top of the Ajax Cart Plugin. This is because our theme heavily uses it.

As a developer, I have spent some time moving through site to see if there is any existing feature which can accomplish our requirements. So far, I haven't found an example yet.

Just though I would ask the community on this one.

Thank you!