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Working on getting you access to our Nop dev environment. I'll PM you once I get those credentials.

Here are my availability settings, the product attributes fall under 'Enable Attributes Filter'

And here's an example of the filters working like they're supposed to on the catalog page

And here's what it looks like on the search page when you inspect the elements. Those products that I searched for have product attributes assigned to them.

If you can walk me through what you'd check if you were logged in as an admin, that'd be at least helpful.

Link didn't show first time..

You can see the integration settings. If you go to the site mentioned, and search under accessories, you'll see plenty of product attributes under Compatibility, which is what I'm searching for, yet it doesn't show under the search engine filters.


I can't provide admin credentials, I'd have to speak with my manager. We use Office365 auth to log in/out. There's no 'admin' credentials per say.

The website itself is, if you search for Airpods, then inspect the filter column, you'll see what I'm referring to. You can also go under Accessories, which is where the AjaxFilter does show up. If there's anything else you need, pictures of all the Integration Settings, or anything else. Please let me know.

I've been having problems getting ajax filters to show up on search engine. We recently upgraded to Nop 4.2 and ever since, I can't get Ajax Filters to show up. When we were running Nop 4.1, all I had to do was enable the setting from the Admin site and that did the trick. Now I have that setting enabled and I can see the div when I inspect the search page but the div itself is empty.
Any help on this? Is this a known bug?

I've got product attributes that I'd like to display on search page. Setting is enabled under Integration Settings.