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one year ago

Daer Anton Ivanov
Unfortunately, I could not submit any ticket on, because I see this message: "You can submit a ticket only for the products you have a valid license for.

Here is the list of products for which you have valid licenses and for which you can submit a ticket.

Please select the product(s) from the list below by clicking on them!"

I purchased my nop products from a local reseller, and the local reseller did not give me the licenses, because the local reseller, ownself registered my purchased nop products directly.
By the way, for further information:my nopCommerce version is 4.20
Please give me some advice.
Best regards.

one year ago

Dear Anton Ivanov
Thanks for your advice, but already use latest version and the issue exist.
Please help me.
Best Regards.

one year ago

After click on Authorize, in Nop social feed plugin for Instagram, this error occured,
"{"error_type": "OAuthException", "code": 400, "error_message": "Invalid scope field(s): public_content"}"
Kindly please help me.