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4 years ago

When data source is custom you should be able to validate the products through ACL.

7 years ago

Id is missing in StockAvailability span resulting in no update when using Attribute combinations.


@if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(Model.StockAvailability))
     <div class="stock">
-        <span class="label">@T("Products.Availability"): </span><span class="value">@Model.StockAvailability</span>
+        <span class="label">@T("Products.Availability"): </span><span class="value" id="stock-availability-value[email protected]">@Model.StockAvailability</span>

8 years ago

This is an simple Task i made for updating GPS Code from Google Maps API, using the ShortDescription field for address.

I'm using nuget package:

It would be great if nop-template could add an Address field so you don't need to user Short Description.

8 years ago


Please vote on Store Locator: Product Mapping

I also think an Address field would be great to have.