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16 days ago

Having issues on android chrome with the related items jcarousel. Whenever I click on the carousel arrows the screen goes completely white. I can't replicate it through desktop, only on my phone. I am using Emporium 4.1.

one month ago


We have quite extensive category offering. I narrowed down main categories to around 14. However, when browsing the category menu, I noticed my mouse behavior was to select a main menu category and immediately move my mouse to the top of the sub menu. The problem is that when I do that, the menu disappears because i moved my mouse over the bottom of the main menu category that was on top of the one I selected. I have to keep my mouse hovered over the category I selected, wait for the sub menu to pop up and move my mouse directly right to the submenu for it to stay up. Is there any type of javascript delay to allow a more natural movement to the submenu(s)?

9 months ago

10 months ago

When using the stock checkout with a PO payment method, the PO box is required. It's not required when using the plugin. It should be required.

11 months ago

I understand that. I was trying to not change the home view and use multiple HTML Widgets for a bootstrap grid but TinyMCE keeps stripping out HTML that's not open or closed. Having a shortcode would solve that issue so I could have 1 widget with all my HTML code.

11 months ago

Is there shortcode available so I can put a carousel inside HTML? Id like to customize my homepage with two columns: 1st column has an image and text and the second column has the carousel.