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4.4 Bugs
one year ago

Have you guys had a chance to do the same with the rest of your themes?  Pavilion in particular?

Thank you!


4.4 Bugs
2 years ago

Your venture theme is not displaying product specification/attribute filters.  I do not wish to use your Ajax Filters plugin but rather want to use nopcommerce's own default implementation of ajax filtering.  

I checked and Nop.Web.Factories.CatalogModelFactory.PrepareCategoryProductsModelAsync is properly creating and passing a SpecificationFilterModel to the Nop.Web.Models.Catalog.CatalogProductsModel.SpecificationFilter property, but the UI does not display any filterable content on the left hand side of the page after loading a category.  We have a variety of Product Specifications that should be displayed when browsing categories and manufacturers.

Please advise ASAP.  We are using nopcommerce 4.40.1