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4 months ago

Hey all, I found some interesting behavior on the ajax filters, it seems when I am filtering by a single category, it will filter the others, but then if I select one of the items from the other categories (so that there are now 2 selected), it seems to enable others to be selected in the category that were not previously enabled. It almost seems like that filters are doing an OR filter instead of an AND filter and that's what's driving what options are available. Is this working as intended?

6 months ago

Hello, we are trying to use the Template "with pictures" for a child category but trying to swap templates gives us "You can't select this template because it does not allow the menu item to have any child elements or any parent elements!". Is it possible to have a parent and also allow the child categories to have pictures?

6 months ago

Hi, I posted on another section but thought I moved it here since its specific to this plugin. We are currently running this plugin on a 4.0 site but we are having a bug that we can't quite figure out. The problem occurs when deselecting specific filters, or hitting the clear all button. This will cause the filters to "clear" but now some of the selections seem to be grayed out and unable to be selected. I've narrowed it down to a particular query string in the url causing this behavior - /pageSize=20&orderBy=0&pageNumber=1, which causes the missing filters.

However, it seems to only occur for some people and in my specific case, it was producing the error but has since seem to somehow resolve itself and now I can no longer get it to break no matter what I do. We've tried numerous browsers and versions and cannot narrow it down.

The url of the site is

The only customization we have is a custom product template that has some extra information, and some styling work that did not touch any of the classes/etc.