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one year ago

Hey guys,

I think i may have found a bug with this theme.  It's reproducible on the demo site:

1.)  Go to the living room category (; although i assume any category will work

2.)  On the fabric loveseats product (again; probably any product will trigger this) click on the add to wish-list icon

3.)  Close the pop-up

4.)  Click on the quick view icon.  You'll see that it says "add to wishlist" instead of "add to cart"

5.)  If you click add to wishlist; it'll actually add it to your cart.

one year ago

Hey guys,

Is it possible to have the contact us tab send to a different email account per store?

The contact us page is able to handle that by setting up multiple message templates limited to store with different email accounts configured.

I didn't see anything in the plugin settings, and all the emails seem to be going to the default email account.

one year ago

Awesome; thanks again.

We really need the tab to be 2nd in the list; first or last isn't going to work for us.  I have been able to do this by making a product specific tab out of the box and everything looks good.

Is there a way to make a shared tab that pulls from this field?  Or should I just implement the product-specific option?

one year ago

Anton, this is awesome.  Works great.

Couple small follow up questions:

1.)  Is it possible to hide the tab if my field doesn't have any content?
2.)  How would I adjust the display order?  Right now it's showing up last; preferably I would like it to be the 2nd tab

one year ago

I added a new column to our products table called "FeaturesDescription" (similar to the full/short description fields already there)

How can i get this field to display in it's own tab?

one year ago

Awesome stuff Valentin; it worked perfectly.

Thanks again!

one year ago

Hey guys,

How would I go about centering the items in a picture layout when there's fewer pictures than the number of boxes configured?

For example; if i have 6 boxes per row; but only 3 categories, can i get them center aligned; rather than all of them on the left hand side of the menu?