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2 years ago

Not sure why the image didn't post, but here it is:

2 years ago

Hello, I just purchased the Element theme and was wondering what plugin this is circled in the photo. I would like to configure products in the same way, but not sure what plugin is being used.

5 years ago

Hello I have a product that is named "50 Family Reunion Shirts." I would like my customers to be able to order as many of a certain color and size as they need and also have a way of validating that a total of 50 shirts were selected.

I would like for the page to function as follows:

Customer has a choice of shirt color (1,2,3,4...etc)
If the customer chooses 1, then 1 dropdown box will appear for color choice, if they pick 2, then 2 boxes will appear...etc

For each color chosen there needs to be size and quantity relating to the choice of color.

Is this possible?