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10 years ago

Hi I have the jcarousel plugin running on version 3.1 of nop and i'm using the latest plugin version I've run into a problem where the carousel is displaying associated product with the new products. so products that shouldn't be sold individually are showing up. if I go to my new arrivals page the products are displayed correctly. Is this a known issue? the website i'm testing them on is  and the JCarousel is on the home page.

Please advise thanks.

11 years ago

Thanks that did the trick, Great Plugin collection by the way!

11 years ago

Here is a link to the page that has two on it. the top header one works but the one on the bottom right doesn't render correctly for featured products.

11 years ago

When i try to have 2 Jcarousels on the same page only one will work and the other dosen't rended correctly. Does anyone seem to have a fix for this? i'm using the version for nop 2.7