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4 years ago

I'm using the defaultclean theme and want to change the height of the mega menu.

Looked at the css, but didn't see anything that looked right. Where would I change it?


4 years ago

I just went ahead and commented out the code and that worked fine. Thanks! Jim

4 years ago

How do I disable the "Ship to same address" checkbox on checkout? I disabled it in the Admin section, but it is still showing (after clearing my cache.)

Want to ensure any shipping is always done to the Billing Address.

Well, you did straighten me out on that one! So it sounds like it is really doing what it is supposed to be doing then. On one of my older phones, it did show fully extended, and does on the Google Mobile test, which is just the way they do it for testing I guess. Thank you very much for you time and effort on this, sure appreciate it! Jim

Do you have to click the Menu to get this? If I click the menu, I do get it, but when I just get to the site it doesn't display. Looks like on some devices it shows, and some it doesn't. I did see a couple of phones where it does show immediately and some where it doesn't (like the link above.) Thanks!

Sorry, I should have posted a link.  
I'm seeing the issue on a Samsung Note 5. Thanks

I've had the Mega Menu running just fine for quite awhile. However, just noticed that when using a mobile phone, that the Category menu doesn't show, however the list of Manufacturers does. I'm using the Default Clean template (and NOP 3.9).

Any suggestions anyone? Thanks!