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Hi Valentin,

Thanks for the update and fix.

It looks like we need to renew our license in order to download the fix, is that correct?  I wasn't sure if there was a download option available elsewhere for this issue.

Will the fix be posted to version 3.8?



Our users are reporting issues with the Galaxy S8+ using Chrome: filtering using drop downs are not functioning.  

Basically, we are using the Traction theme with the home page product filtering option:

If a I click on the Category drop down, the drop down expands but when I click on an option, "Autobody parts", nothing happens.  On desktop and other mobile devices, the Manufacturer category becomes active and shows the categories that are relevant to Autobody Parts.

A video of it is here:

Note that this is happening on the traction demo site as well as our installation.

Is there a resolution or patch for this?