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6 years ago

SDobrev wrote:

Please note that the "Ajax Cart" popup is not styled to work on mobile devices so you have to made some customizations.

Yes, I see that now. Can you tell me how to fix this:

All of the product details and options are hidden too far to the right for a mobile device.

7 years ago

Thanks, that works perfectly. Next question, why doesn't the popup work on mobile devices? I'm emulating a mobile in chrome, and adding to the cart from a ProductBox redirects to the product details.

In my site I have a wizard style set of steps, where different products can be added at each step. Some of those products have variants, which is when I want the popup to appear. If the user is redirected to the product details page, then the wizard navigation is lost.

Is this achievable with your plugin?

7 years ago

I want to use Ajax Cart for a specific purpose. I only want Ajax Cart to be used when add to cart is clicked on a product box, and the product has product attributes.

I've managed to achieve both of these, but I also want to disable the 'Just added to your basket' popup.

How can I do this?