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I am trying to work out how to reuse the "•Nop Categories Header Menu" plugin to act as a simple menu bar just below my logo.

I like the style of the categories header menu on the store, but unfortunately we are unable to use it, because we have many store categories and every time we add more it wraps to another line, so all the sub-categories look silly.

So we have just used the default NOP category on the side box.

Is there a simple way to add a navigation menu in the same place as the Nop Categories Header Menu plug in?

They just need to be static links, that I can change in the source, but use the same style format as Nop Categories Header Menu.

The only menu items we need are something like - Home - About Us - Services - etc..

I guess the footer should match, but I don't see anywhere in NOP to show "topics" on the footer.

I am just not sure how to start this, if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.