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I need to know where in the code - Razor form or .js function I can iject jquery code to change the DOM (such as attaching a datepicker to a Checkout attribute text field.  I need it to be a place that work during the initial page load and also after any one of the panels get updated or refresh.  I have implemented some code using timeouts in the Document ready event, but it only works sometimes.

I need to go live this weekend and I need help as I am not familiar with Angular.
Using your "One Page Checkout" plugin, I already set NOP to skip the "Billing" page and that is working fine. What I MUST have is the ability to conditionally disabled and make NON-REQUIRED 4 Shipping address fields: 1) address1, city, state & zip.  I need this 4 field not to be seen and not to be reuired WHEN a cookie called "SHIPPINGMETHOD" has a value of 2. I am able (via jquery to hide these fields as appropriate but the validation complains that they are missing data. I tried removing the "ng-required" attribute via jquery but that didn't prevent the form validation complaining about it upon hitting "Complete" button. I already spent over 5 hours trying to figure various way to do this without any success.  Please provide me with code sample and instruction on where and how I can accomplish this. THANKS in advance.