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3 years ago

Sorry if I'm just not seeing it, but is there a page or a post that I can monitor to see what is fixed/changed from release build to build of the Pavilion theme and/or related plugins?

3 years ago

Looks like the data was actually being processed correctly, but the theme CSS had it hidden by default. I put a temporary fix in place for anyone else who runs into this same issue. In the Custom Head Styles section of the theme settings, I added:

#opc-confirm_order .confirm-order { display: inherit; }

3 years ago


I also just tried updating the theme and all contained plugins from your 3.8.684.22553 package, same problem exists.

3 years ago

Description: No feedback or guidance is given to user when submitting an order fails. I am using NopCommerce 3.8 with Pavilion theme 3.8.341.21946.

Repro Steps:
1. Use google chrome, open up developer tools, switch to network tab.
2. Browse to our dev instance here:
3. Select a product, add it to your cart, and checkout.
4. Use test credit card info: VISA/4111111111111111, any date, any CVC.
5. Click the final CONFIRM link in checkout:

Expected Behavior:
User receives error message containing the HTML returned by the server containing this error, in this case, the reported error should be: Payment error: Payment plugin license is not activated.

Actual Behavior:
Nothing happens. User keeps hitting CONFIRM with no result. You can see in the development tools that the json returned by the XHR call to /checkout/OpcConfirmOrder has the expected error message in it, but there is no feedback to the user that the attempt failed.