Our nopCommerce plugins and themes now support nopCommerce 2.2

We are excited to let our customers know that our nopCommerce plugins and nopCommerce themes now support nopCommerce 2.2.

NopCommerce 2.2 comes with a few significant improvements as compared to nopCommerce 2.1, most notably performance optimization, category and manufacturer templates, one page checkout and a web service api. While nopCommerce 2.1 was a huge step ahead, we believe that nopCommerce 2.2 is now a stable and feature-rich ASP.NET MVC 3 platform, which can be used by web software vendors as the basis for rich e-commerce web sites.

NopCommerce ships with many advanced features out of the box. Still we have identified quite a few aspects, which are lacking and which can boost the development of every nopCommerce shop significantly. Our nopCommerce plugins reflect just a tiny set of all these useful features and are the first step in our aspiration to fill this gap. You can think of the nopCommerce plugins developed by our team, as specialized RAD controls that can be used for nopCommerce rapid application development.

For example, with the Nop Home Page Sliders nopCommerce plugin, even non-technical store owners can quickly add rotating banners to their nopCommerce web site home page. To do this manually, you would have to develop a custom nopCommerce backend coupled with JQuery UI, which is far from straightforward to integrate into the nopCommerce MVC infrastructure.

The Nop Ajax Filters are another example of a nopCommerce plugin that adds an extremely useful functionality to your nopCommerce e-store and solves a common problem with nopCommerce. The Nop Ajax Filters are a powerful filtering mechanism, which can significantly reduce the time and effort of every customer, when looking for a product and make shopping at your store much more pleasant. To develop such a functionality from scratch would require a substantial development effort, which might not be met by a comparable return on investment.

Another nopCommerce plugin, which is developed with efficiency in mind is the Nop Smart SEO. It is a nopCommerce plugin, which again saves time and effort. There is a popular saying that Search Engine Optimization can make or break an online business. Every nopCommerce e-store needs meaningful meta data in order to make the top search engine results. Imagine your nopCommerce e-store contains 20 categories and 200 products. Adding meta title, description and keywords to each and every category and product and maintaining this data would be a laborious activity, which most likely would be neglected. In fact why should meta data be entered for every single category and product when the meta data, especially the various keyword combinations would in most cases differ only by the name of the category and product. The Nop Smart SEO nopCommerce plugin addresses this problem in quite a flexible way and allows the store owner to take complete control of their catalog meta data by just editing a few configuration settings.

SEO meta data is useless to the search engines without meaningful content to back it. NopCommerce allows every product to have a short and a long descritpion, as well as a list of specifications. However for most modern e-commerce web sites, such content capabilities would not suffice. Product buying guides, size charts, video, and many other types of content are becoming a must in today's highly competitive e-commerce scene. Our Nop Quick Tabs nopCommerce plugin allows every product on your nopCommerce e-shop to have content tabs with rich content defined by you. You should not worry about the load time of your product pages, because the plugin loads the content in the tabs upon request via Ajax and JQuery. In this way your product pages get rich content but are still optimized and fast to load.

Our nopCommerce plugins do solve problems and save time and effort. But they are not a complete nopCommerce solution. This is where our nopCommerce themes come into play. Take a smooth and professional design combined with the power of nopCommerce, enhanced further with our nopCommerce plugins, and you have an unbeatable combination, which presents a complete nopCommerce solution, ready to take every retail business to the web in the smallest amount of time. Our nopCommerce themes, are developed not only for store owners but also for e-commerce software vendors, who are looking for a quick and cost effective way to meet customer requirements. Because they are so easy to customize and feature a 6-month free support, our nopCommerce themes are the perfect choice when a software vendor needs a complete nopCommerce solution.

Some of the nopCommerce themes on Nop-Templates.com are not released yet. But you can still read their description and specification and if you are interested you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive a 15% discount code for a nopCommerce plugin or a nopCommerce theme.

Please note that most of our nopCommerce plugins we have provided for free. All we ask in return from you is to share comments, suggestions, any feedback you might have in our Forums. Also if you use our free nopCommerce plugins on commercial web site, please write to us and we will be happy to include a short description and a link to your web site on our Showcase page.