NopCommerce themes released for nopCommerce 2.3

With the release of nopCommerce 2.3, we introduce our upgraded nopCommerce themes:

Nop Fashion Theme and Nop Electronics Theme

nopCommerce 2.3 features most importantly performance improvements, a product special price support and a new catalog mode functionality.

For more information please read the nopCommerce release note.

Our nopCommerce themes are probably the friendliest on the market as they are developed entirely based on the nopCommerce theme and plugin architecture. Being completely decoupled from the nopCommerce source code, our nopCommerce themes are easy to extend, customize and most importantly upgrade to new nopCommerce versions. Moreover the Nop Fashion and Nop Electronics themes are developed with our popular nopCommerce plugins: Nop Ajax Filters, Nop Home Page Sliders, Nop Smart SEO and Nop Quick Tabs. A little over a month since their release these plugins are now used by more than 200 nopCommerce web shops and are sporting an extremely positive feedback from our customers.

We would like to let our customers know that we are in the process of upgrading our nopCommerce plugins to nopCommerce 2.3. They will also be enhanced with new functionality in order to meet our customers most popular feature requests.

Please stay tuned for the ongoing nopCommerce 2.3 release from, which also includes the release of the long awaited nopCommerce group shopping theme.