Nop Quick Tabs released for nopCommerce 2.3 with a number of enhancements!

We are glad to announce the release of Nop Quick Tabs plugin for nopCommerce 2.3.
We would like to thank all of you who contributed with your priceless feedback in shaping this product.
With this release we pushed the plugin to a new level.
Here is the list of improvements of the Nop Quick Tabs:

1. Themeable Support - the tabs come with three predefined themes that you can choose from in the Admin panel.
   You can easily create your own new themes using the JQuery UI Themeroller.
   There is a step by step tutorial about how to do this on the plugin documentation page.

2. Ajax tabs loading is now configurable!
 You can enable/disable the Ajax loading of the tab content from the Admin panel.
   Turning Ajax off can be very useful if you want the search engines to index the content of your tabs.

3. Tabs sharing has never been easier!
   Have you ever wanted to add a tab with specific Sizing Chart information to all products of a given Manufacturer?
   Have you ever wanted to add a tab with specific Delivery information for all products in a given Category
   No problem, you are now covered as you can map Tabs to categories and manufacterers.
   Even more it will improve the consistency of your store as the Tab will automatically be shared with any new products added for the given category or manufacturer.

For a live demo and more detailed information please visit the Nop Quick Tabs page at
The new version of the plugin is now paid but it comes with 1 year FREE Support and 1 year FREE Upgrades.
The FREE version of the plugin for nopCommerce 2.0/2.1/2.2 is still available for download.

We would also like to let our customers know that we are currently working on integrating the new Nop Quick Tabs in our nopCommerce themes.
All current users of our nopCommerce themes, will receive the new upgraded nopCommerce 2.3 version of the themes for FREE.

For all our newsletter subscribers we are running 20% discount for the Nop Quick Tabs.