Nop Anywhere Sliders plugin officially released for nopCommerce 2.3.

We are more than happy to announce the release of the new Nop Anywhere Sliders, which creation was pushed by the well known Nop Home Page Sliders. Many of the new features are inspired by the active nopCommerce community for which we are very thankful. The new plugin is much more powerful with a lot of new features including widget support, ability to create many sliders, display more than one slider on a page and more.

We will try to point the most important features of the Nop Anywhere Sliders.

1. Widget Support - any slider can be added to any widget zone or even to more than one widget zone with just a click from the plugin administration. You do not need to navigate away from a slider to add it to widget zones, which is very useful and gives a better user experience.

2. Add as many sliders as you wish on a page - with the old Nop Home Page Sliders this was impossible. After many requests we implemented the new Nop Anywhere Sliders in a way that the customers can create different sliders with their own set of images and settings, which gives them the absolute freedom to organize their websites and marketing campaigns as they wish. They can have a normal 2D slider, the fancy 3D slider and images acting as banners on a single page.

3. Much better organization of the administration part of the plugin which gives the power to the clients to do everything with just one or two clicks from a single place.

4. The images are fully localizable so that if the website has more active languages, the images can navigate to different pages depending on the current language.

5. The images will be auto resized to the sizes set in the settings of the slider to which they belong.

6. Open views for easier customization if needed.

For a live demo and more detailed information please visit the Nop Anywhere Sliders page at
The new version of the plugin is now paid but it comes with 1 year FREE Support and 1 year FREE Upgrades.
The FREE version of the plugin for nopCommerce 2.0/2.1/2.2 is still available for download.

The new powerful Nop Anywhere Sliders are integrated in our professional nopCommerce themes.

All current users of our nopCommerce themes, will receive the new upgraded nopCommerce 2.3 version of the themes for FREE.