Nop Ajax Cart plugin released for nopCommerce 2.4

We are pround to announce the availability of the Nop Ajax Cart plugin for nopCommerce 2.4.
As the name implies the Nop Ajax Cart plugin allows your customers to shop faster and without leaving their current page.
This greatly improves the user experience and gives the customers more time to look for other products instead of redirecting them to the shopping cart and forcing them to leave your web site.

Why do we need the Nop Ajax Cart plugin?

When your clients browse your store they will most probably navigate to a specific category to search for specific products by using the pager or using the Ajax Filters. So when finally they find the products they need, they want to add these products in their shopping cart but once they click on the product or on a Add To Cart button then they are immediately redirected to the shopping cart page and thus they lose their selection of products. This no doubt is frustrating especially when customers are in a hurry and want to shop fast.

How does Nop Ajax Cart help?

With the Nop Ajax Cart plugin customers can add products to their shopping bags directly from the category page or any other product listing page, without leaving the page. The products are automatically added and the shopping cart is refershed in real time. This way customers can add as many products as they like. There is no need to visit the shopping cart page before they are done shopping and would like to checkout.

Is the Nop Ajax Cart plugin available only on the category pages?

No, the Nop Ajax Cart plugin is available on any product listing page in nopCommerce i.e search results pages, manufacturer pages, new products pages etc.

What if customers want to get more than one item of the same product?

No problem as the Nop Ajax Cart allows customers to select the quantity they want from a specific product. This is also configurable and can be enabled and disabled from the Admin panel of the plugin.

What if the product has several attribute options like Color, Size etc?

The Nop Ajax Cart will show a nice popup with the available attributes to be selected should the product have any.

Nop Ajax Cart plugin product popup window


OK, great but is there any documentation available for the Nop Ajax Cart plugin?

There is a detailed documentation for the Nop Ajax Cart plugin and it is available online: 


The Nop Ajax Cart plugin is also included in our Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection.

Like all our plugins Nop Ajax Cart has a free trial version that you can download and play with.

As always you are more than welcomed to give us your feedback so we can improve our plugins together.

Last but not least we would like to thank the nopCommerce community for requesting this plugin from the nopCommerce forums!