New powerful plugin released for nopCommerce 2.6!

Our awesome nopCommerce toolbox just got a new powerful addition! We are extremely glad to announce the release of our latest Nop JCarousel plugin for nopCommerce 2.6. We do believe that nopCommerce vendors should be able to meet customers' requirements quickly and in a cost effective way. Therefore with our new plugin we aim to increase your nopCommerce productivity and save you tons of coding and testing time.

The Nop JCarousel plugin allows nopCommerce developers or store owners to quickly and easily create carousels of different types of products with just a few clicks from the nopCommerce administration panel. The plugin supports 11 predefined data sources like Homepage Products, Recently Viewed Products, Latest Products, Best Sellers, Products in The Same Category, Manufacturers, etc...It also includes a custom data source where the nopCommerce savvy store owners can build their own product data and present it in a carousel. When using the predefined data sources you can set what data is shown for the products from the nopCommerce administration panel, making the customization of the carousels fast and effortless.

For more advanced customization scenarios we have provided a theming support that adheres to the nopCommerce theming mechanism and principles. Most importantly every carousel instance you add to your web site can be styled separately. In addition to this the plugin does already come with two predefined nopCommerce themes: the nopCommerce Dark Orange and the nopCommerce Classic themes.

The Nop JCarousel supports the new widget system in nopCommerce 2.6, making it possible to add as many carousels as you need to different places on the web site.

If you are looking for some nopCommerce inspiration and have not tried the Nop JCarousel or even our Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection, now is the time! All the plugins have trial versions, which you can install and use in your nopCommerce installations. Should you have any questions or need assistance with the trials of the plugins, you can rely on one of the best nopCommerce teams out there to support you. Please do bother us! We will be more than glad to help!