New Nop Mega Menu plugin released for nopCommerce 2.65!

As part of our goal to make nopCommerce development easy and cost effective, we have released a new Nop Mega Menu plugin for nopCommerce 2.65. The Nop Mega Menu plugin allows store owners to quickly and effortlessly create effective navigation for their nopCommerce e-shop. The plugin makes it possible for customers to find their way around the web site with the fewest number of clicks. Categories, subcategories, manufacturers, different nopCommerce page links and topics can be presented in a flexible and versatile way depending on your e-shop navigation requirements.

Nop Mega Menu

With just a few clicks from the nopCommerce administration panel, you can configure what items to show in the menu, how they are grouped together and how you want them displayed.

Nop Mega Menu Settings

As with all our plugins we have provided a theming support for the Nop Mega Menu. This theming capability can be used for advanced customizations and adheres to the nopCommerce theming mechanism and principles. In addition to this the plugin ships with two predefined nopCommerce themes: the nopCommerce Dark Orange and the nopCommerce Classic themes.

The Nop Mega Menu is included in our Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection and all our existing customers of the plugin collection will receive it for free. Please do not forget that the Nop Mega Menu plugin as all the plugins in the collection has a trial version, which you can explore in detail on your nopCommerce installation.

You can also visit the demo pages of our various themes to see the plugin in action.

Should you have any questions or need assistance with the trials of the plugins, you can rely on one of the best nopCommerce teams out there to support you.