Updates available for Nop Carousel plugin nopCommerce 3.80

Friday, December 2, 2016

We are happy to announce that the Nop Carousel plugin for nopCommerce 3.80 has been updated and is now better than ever. 

From a store owner's perspective, the new Nop Carousel plugin offers a seamless integration with the rest of our plugins like Ajax Cart, Quick View, Product Ribbons and Sales Campaigns. You can now add products to your shopping cart directly from the products in the carousels.

From a developer's perspective, the plugin is almost completely rewritten as it now uses the product, category and manufacturer boxes that come from nopCommerce as a markup rather than using its own markup as it used to do before. This makes the plugin much easier for styling and working with. Another important change is that we no longer use the outdated jCarousel library but now we use a much more modern and widely adopted Slick carousel. Please note that changing the markup and the javascript forced us to pre style the plugin for all our themes, which means that the new version of the plugin is now seamlessly integrated in all our themes and if you update your themes then your carousels will be pretty much the same in terms of styling like the old one.

Although we have made quite a lot of changes in the public area of the plugin, we have kept the administration backend of the plugin almost untouched. We have made only some slight changes in the administration by removing some unnecessary settings and introducing only a few new ones.

In order to ensure a smooth update of the Carousel plugin you should do the following steps:

1. Update the SevenSpikes.Core plugin, which is something you should do any time you update or add any new plugins that we provide.

2. Delete the JCarousel plugin folder and add the one from the new package.

3. In case you use any of our themes, you should also update the Settings.xml file in the theme's plugin folder. This is important as some of our themes require specific settings for the Carousel plugin.

We hope you will enjoy the new improved Carousel and will be glad to hear your feedback!

Should you have any questions or need help you can always submit a ticket and our developers will advise!

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facing issue in update
1/21/2017 7:53 PM

Dear Team,

Im trying to update jcarousel new update thats updated with some new features but after updation of core plugin and jcarousel folder also slide boxes are coming in shrink way i.e coming with half of the width

nopcommerce version 3.8 / theme motion

please help that how to figure out the that where is the issue

Update the theme plugin
1/23/2017 11:27 AM


You need to update the Motion theme plugin and if you do this then all the proper settings for the  JCarousel plugin should be added. If you have any problem please submit a ticket and our developers will take a look and advise.