Q1: How to Search for and Change Resources in nopCommerce

Q1: How to Search for and Change Resources in nopCommerce

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Let’s take a direct approach to answering the first question in the nopCommerce FAQs series.

In the Administration of your store, go to Configuration -> Languages. You will find all the resources for each language there.

Setting Resources in nopCommerce 1

Let’s say I wish to change the name of the “Price” filter in my store to “Price Range.”
I will click Edit for the English Language. I can search by resource name or resource value. In this particular case, I will type Price in the resource value field. It will bring all resources that contain this word.

Next, I will look in the resource name to locate the right resource. The resource name I am looking for is the following sevenspikes.nopajaxfilters.client.pricerangefilter.title.

I will click on edit and change Price to Price Range. Then, click Save.

Setting Resources in NopCommerce 2

When I go back to the public store, I will see that the price filter name is changed to Price Range.

Setting Resources in NopCommerce 3

And this is how you search for, and change resources in nopCommerce explained in four steps.

Coming up next: How to search for and change settings in nopCommerce.

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