How to rank high in Google? /Infographic/

How to rank high in Google?  /Infographic/

Ranking high in Google is the difference between bringing visitors to your website or being left unnoticed. But how can we achieve this so desired top ranking and build a stable organic search visibility? First we need to understand how google ranks websites and individual pages, what ranking signals are used in their algorithm. Although there is no official data to describe the Google ranking algorithm, the knowledge and experience of top SEO experts and websites combined with allegedly leeked documents from Google themselves can demystify this topic. Did you know that?

  1. The reading level of a page matters to Google and that an intermediate reading level is better than an advanced one.
  2. Google can determine the sentiment conveyed by the text surrounding a link to your site and adjust the link ranking weight accordingly.
  3. Google prefers websites with a Contact Us page that has a decent amount of information. The close this information is to the official Whois data of the domain the better.
  4. LSI keywords in your meta tags and page content can boost your SERP ranking.
  5. Google prefers websites with SSL.
  6. Google favors content which has bullets and number lists.

These and many more ranking signals, a total of 200, are organized and explained beautifully in the following Infographic, courtesy of and

Do have a look and if you have some interesting experience with Google page ranking we would be happy to hear it in the comments.

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