Hi all,

I am using Nop 4.5 and the Emporium Theme.  

Currently, when I add a Category to my mega menu, it only appears in the left-hand side 'All Categories' menu. If I change the Template for this Category to 'Simple' it will instead appear in the nav bar along with 'Vendors', 'Manufacturers' etc.

I need these Categories to appear in the nav bar but with the 'List' Template.

I have seen nop-templates own demos with 'Products' in this nav bar area alongside Vendors etc, using the List Template so this does seem to be possible but there seems to be no option for this in the admin area. Even if I select 'All' categories, it just adds 'Products' to the left-hand side menu (All Categories).

Ideally I don't want this left-hand side 'All Categories' menu at all.

Is there a way around this or something I am missing?