Getting issue on going backward and forward to the initial page(noFilterApplied page)
one year ago
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We found an issue while using Ajax Filters on catalog page that browser going backward and forward is not able to reaching the initial page (noFilterApplied page). In other cases, the going backward and forward seems works fine.

Here is the recreate steps on Live DEMO site:
1. Open Live DEMO, toggle on Size 8 filter.
2. Toggle off Size 8 filter. Now the page displays the initial page.
3. Toggle on Laces 120cm.
4. Click back button. Now the page should display the initial page and the URL already updated to noFilterApplied page's URL but the content is not changing still stay on page #3.

Going forward has the same issue.

Please add more suggestions on this. Many thanks!
one year ago
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Can anyone add some updates on this please? Much Appreciated!