I am adding a new HTML Widget Zone to my home page. (I needed a zone below the Nivo Slider, but above the Content Box.)

I've gone into the Plugins folder for HTMLWidgets, and modified the SupportedWidgetZones.xml file to include the following:


I also went into the Themes > ShopAll > Views > Home folder and updated the Index.cshtml file to include the following in the <div class="page-body"> section:

@await Component.InvokeAsync("Widget", new { widgetZone = "home_page_after_slider"})

I then restarted the application.

When I go to create a new HTMLWidget, and add a new zone record from the dropdown list, my new zone "home_page_after_slider" is not in the list.

So what am I doing wrong? I followed all the instructions I found here:


I also tried (according to another article I found), to create a file named AdditionalSupportedWidgetZones.xml, in the same folder as the SupportedWidgetZones.xml file. But no success there either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.