Hi, I'm using this plugin on a nop 4.2 site.
Usually on the site all the product have fixed price and also a fixed quantity per button (ex: one button to add 1 product, another one for adding 10 of them) so the view "MiniProductDetailsViewProductAddToCart", which for my understanding is nedded when the customer can change quantity or price before adding to the cart, is never displayed.
The only exception to this is when we have some gift product, which we menage with the filed "CustomerEnteredPrice" and can only be set by backend, not by the user, for those product the said view is displayed before adding to the cart, i hid the price field, so it cannot be set by the user, but i would like to skip the view directly, i tried a couple options and configuration but i couldn't menege to skip it while still using our "CustomerEnteredPrice" logic.
Is there any way to do this?