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6 years ago
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We want to able to add a security seal in the footer. Between "Subscribe" and social media. I have attempted to put another div section, but it just comes out on top of "Subscribe". I will admit, my weakness is HTML. How would I modify the footer to create 4 columns:

1) Payment Options
2) Subscribe
3) Security Seal
4) Social Media

6 years ago
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Hello there!

This is my opinion:
First of all by design there must be only 3 columns. If you need four then it is not easy to be done properly. First you have to  change the html, and than the styles in css.
This is quite of a customization.
Here is my advice how you can do it.
what you need to do is to find \Alfresco\Views\Common\Footer.cshtml

In the <div class="footer-lower"> add another div with class for example "security-seal",
right after the  <div class="social-sharing">

And after that you need to change the  css in Alfresco\Content\css\styles.css
Find the code:

.subscribe-to-newsletter {
    margin: auto;
    position: relative;
    width: 240px;

and change it like this

.subscribe-to-newsletter {
   width: 240px;


with the next lines you`ll fix the new div{   
    float: right;
    max-width: 170px;

  margin:0 2px;
<-- like that you give a little space between the divs

So far is OK, but the there are a few css files for different resolutions that also need to be changed and it gets more complex.
You can try to make it, but it is more tricky indeed.

Hope this helps!

Best regards! Support Team
Peter Zhekov