MegaMenu and or Anywhere Sliders not Showing Images

8 years ago
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Hello Everyone,

I'm having a strange issue since I've upgraded my nopCommerce to 3.1 and installed the paid version of the plugins. Currently I use a combination of the following on our site

Anywhere Sliders
Instant Search
Cloud Zoom
Ajax Filters
Ajax Filteers
Product Ribbons
Quick View
Quick Tabs

I think it must be caused by the combination of plugins and whether a user is logged in or not. The problem is not consistent on all pages. For example... Some pages have issues with Anywhere Sliders while others don't (like the home page) Also, the problem goes away once someone logs into their account. Once you log in, everything works fine until you log back out. If you log in as the admin and restart the application, then the problem goes away whether you are logged in or not. The problem is there in both IE and Firefox. I have not tested on Safari or Chrome, but I suspect it is the same. Very strange.,,

On the Home Page:
Here I have Anywhere Sliders, the Mega Menu and Instant Search Active. I have two sliders that never fail. They are always working for me. However, the mega menu stops displaying images and I get "Image for Category XYZ" instead of a picture.

On the Contact Us Page, Login Page, and Registration Pages
Here I have Anywhere Sliders, the Mega Menu, Instant Search and Captcha at play. In this case, when the condition is present, the Mega Menu will not show images and the Anywhere Slider will not load images either. The only difference between this page and the index page is the Captcha. However, the Anywhere sliders have never failed on the index page and they do fail on the Contact Us Page.

Product Pages
My product pages have the Mega Menu, Cloud Zoom, Instant Search and Anywhere Sliders. On these pages the condition causes the Mega Menu and Anywhere Sliders to fail. However, the Cloud Zoom never fails. We have also implemented Product Ribbons recently that could have caused the issue but I am unsure.Quick Tabs are also used with no problem. Ajax Filtes are not used on these pages.

Category Pages
On catalog pages, We use Mega Menu, Anywhere Sliders, Instant Search, Quick View and Ajax Filters. The problem here when the condition is present is with the Mega Menu. I've never noticed the Anywere Sliders failing on the Category Pages.

Has anyone seen this behavior before...?
Any help would be much appreciated. This only happened since I upgraded to 3.1 and installed the new DLLs.

Thanks for your assistance.

8 years ago
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Hi Jose,

I looked at your site and I could not reproduce the problems you have described in your post.

There is one issue however which is not strange at all. You have one slider on all the pages except the category page which is trying to render images that are referenced from localhost(http://localhost/content/images/thumbs/0003608.jpeg, http://localhost/content/images/thumbs/0003609.jpeg), which is incorrect. The slider on category pages uses images that are referenced correctly via your domain name(,

Can you please make sure that you have cleared nopCommerce'c cache from the administration. Do you have just one slider mapper to the left_column_before widget zone. Do you have any store, category mappings for this slider.

We have already replied to you from our support email, so any details regarding this issue you can  also send there.

As to the other issue you have described related to the Nop Mega Menu, I could not reproduce it.

Looking forward to your reply!