Instead of Dropdowns I get Lists that can be expanded...

9 years ago
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Hello Everyone,

I'm having a strange issue with NopCommerce 2.6 and the Ajax Filters. Normally, when you integrate the filters, you still get the following dropdown boxes at the top of the category page:

Sort By
Display Number of Items per Page
Veiw Mode

I get lists displayed instead of dropdown boxes... They look like li elements with bulleted items that match what should be in the dropdowns.

My Sort By Dropdown looks like this:

Sort By        
• Position    
• Brand: A to Z    
• Brand: Z to A      
• Price: Low to High      
• Price: High to Low    
• Created On        

My Display number of Items to Display Dropdown looks like this:



•     2
•     4
•     8
•    12
•    24

Per Page


My View Mode Dropdown looks like this:

View As


• Grid
• List


It's like if the dropdowns were being rendered as list boxes... If anyone has any insight on this, I would be very appreciative.


9 years ago
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Hi Jose,

This may happen if some of the js files are missing. Have you noticed a js error in your browser.

Would it be possible to provide a little more information on this:
- what is the name of the theme you are using.
- when have you downloaded the filters
- does the server has read permission folder for the plugin
- can you check whether you have js files in the Scripts folder of the plugin and in the JQueryTemplates you should have two files - an htm and a js one.

It will be best if you can give us a link with the problem so that we can investigate what is wrong.