Blog posts of '2011' 'November'

NopCommerce themes released for nopCommerce 2.3

With the release of nopCommerce 2.3, we introduce our upgraded nopCommerce themes:

Nop Fashion Theme and Nop Electronics Theme

nopCommerce 2.3 features most importantly performance improvements, a product special price support and a new catalog mode functionality.

For more information please read the n...

Nop Categories Header Menu plugin is released

We are glad to announce the availability of Nop Categories Header Menu plugin for nopCommerce version 2.2.

This is a very special plugin for us as its creation was driven by the nopCommerce community.
Several weeks ago we promised in the nopCommerce forums that if there was a real interest in the cre...

New and improved Nop Ajax Filters released

Last week we had an interesting case with a nopCommerce 2.2 customer, who reported a fairly slow performance of the Nop Ajax Filters. We were suspicious at first. The filters are supposed to be faster than the normal nopCommerce retrieval of products for a category after all! Nevertheless we took on...