Are you still waiting to put the E in front of your business?

The following infographic is courtesy of and shows how much the Internet has evolved in ten years. What is interesting from our perspective is how big brands like Borders and Blockbuster went out of business because they refused to go beyond the brick and mortar and put the E in front of their business.

So if you are a retailer and are still wondering whether to take your business online, do go through this inforgraphic and find out why you should consider e-commerce as a must rather than as an addition to your business. If you are reading this blog you are definitely looking for one particular thing: nopCommerce. And you shouldn't look any further as nopCommerce + Nop-Templates is a powerful yet affordable solution which will help you not only meet the digital disruption of today but also turn it into a profit for your retail business.

The Internet Ten Years Later