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3 years ago

Hi ;
I wantto modify .cshtml file of InstantSearch in otrder to add category names to dropdown list.

What I want to do is;
when you search for keyword book;
Iwant to list in doropdown
-Lord of the Rings
-books (category name)

When user clicks books I want to redirect to books category.

Is it possible?
If We have the InstantSearchModel fileds list maybe I can add category manualy.

3 years ago

Ok .Now it make sense.. Thank you for help.

3 years ago

From Administration panel, I have selected
"left_side_column_after_category_navigation" widget zone for Ajax filters.

I checked it exists in Plugins/Ajaxfilter/SupportedWidgetZones.xml file

I use columtwo. layout. and left_side_column_after_category_navigation  widget also exists in
Themes\Nitro\Views\Shared\_ColumnsTwo.cshtml file

one more thing, it shows panels in catagory pages without any problem.

3 years ago

On Search results page ajax filter enabled.
But it doesnot renders.
You can inspect problem on my test web site:

3 years ago

Is this property added to Jcrousel?

Fonts Problem
4 years ago

Hi I have installed Netro theme but fonts are seen as Times new Roman.
Where should I check?