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2 years ago

I solved the problem.

2 years ago

I found out a bug.
If "Default Product Sort Option" set on "create time" the orderBy=15 will be "#/noFilterApplied"

2 years ago

I'm using nopcommerce 3.6
I didn't modify source code only modify theme.
The URL is鴻海集團股東尊榮專區
"建立日期" is mean create time.
You can try the drop list and click this option, it will sorting by create time but if using F5 to reload this page, the sorting is wrong.

2 years ago

I set the Default Product Sort Option is Create time.
But it didn't sorting by create time.

3 years ago

sorry,I can't provide DB backup.
I try to deselect "Enable Manufacturers Filter" on NopAjaxFiltersAdmin/Settings, and then it working correct.
But paradox thing is this category's products didn't setting any manufacturers:

So I thinks it has some bug on manufacturers function.

3 years ago

assumed my category tree is:

and I loading level1 category it will display this message:

but if I remove Ajax Filters, it will display correct.
my setting is "Enable Manufacturers Filter".

I use nop3.6 Thnaks.

3 years ago

By the way, my version is nopcommerce 3.6
Thank you!

3 years ago

in fact if you set html tag into short description frame like it:

And then the front product detail page can show message include html:

3 years ago

we use short-description as "Product Description SEO Template"
like it:

but use FB share function will show the html tag:

can you help me to show only word without html tag?


3 years ago

on the original nop search, we key the chinese keyword for search box and the parameter "q" will show the word with chinese then the google analytics search function also record chinese word.

but if I use ajax filter, the url parameter "q" will show the URLcode like "%u590f%u666e". this problem make our google analytics record garbled.

can you deal this problem? our version is nop 3.6,thanks!