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We are trying to achieve the similiar behaviour like below which is in Emporium demo.But getting Ajax cat failure error.

Here is the code from ProdctBox.cshtml

  <div class="buttons">   
                @if (!Model.ProductPrice.DisableBuyButton)
                    var addToCartText = T("ShoppingCart.AddToCart").Text;
                    if (Model.ProductPrice.IsRental)
                        addToCartText = T("ShoppingCart.Rent").Text;
                    if (Model.ProductPrice.AvailableForPreOrder)
                        addToCartText = T("ShoppingCart.PreOrder").Text;
                    <div class="add-to-cart-qty-wrapper">
                        <input asp-for="EnteredQuantity" id="[email protected]" value="1" class="qty-input" type="text" aria-label=@T("Products.Qty.AriaLabel") />
                        <span class="plus">&#x69;</span>
                        <span class="minus">&#x68;</span>

                    <script asp-location="Footer">
                        //when a customer clicks 'Enter' button we submit the "add to cart" button (if visible)
                        $(document).ready(function () {
                            $("#@Html.IdFor(model => model.EnteredQuantity)").on("keydown", function (event) {
                                if (event.keyCode == 13) {
                                    $("#[email protected]").trigger("click");
                                    return false;

                            $("#[email protected]").on("input propertychange paste", function () {
                                var data = {
                                    productId: @Model.Id,
                                    quantity: $('#[email protected]').val()
                                $(document).trigger({ type: "product_quantity_changed", changedData: data });
                    <button type="button" id="[email protected]" class="button-1 add-to-cart-button" data-productid="@Model.Id" onclick="AjaxCart.addproducttocart_details('@Url.RouteUrl("AddProductToCart-Details", new {productId = Model.Id, shoppingCartTypeId = (int) ShoppingCartType.ShoppingCart})', '#product-details-form');return false;">@addToCartText</button>

Here is the error screenshot from console