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Steps to Recreate: Reload multiple times until error occurs

Details: I have determined that the error is caused during call to the api 'GetPaymentMethods?countryid='. When the page fails to load, it is supplying 'undefined' to the 'countryid' parameter. I have also determined this happens when the call to 'GetPaymentMethods' is called BEFORE 'GetCustomerAddresses?addressesFor=Billing'. Every time it works, GetPaymentMethods is called afterwards.

7 years ago

There should be a way to change the Blog Post Created On Date.

Changing the start date doesn't change anything the date that shows up on the blog post.

8 years ago

The "Manage Theme Resources" option is not showing up on our website.

So I am not able to remove the cell and skype sections from the footer. 

When I delete the from localization all it does is add "" as text. How can I remove both skype and mobile from showing?

Product Tags
8 years ago

Great Thanks!

Product Tags
8 years ago

Is there a way to have the products tags not show up on the product detail page but still be active?

8 years ago

Great! Thanks!!

8 years ago

I'm able to change the image size on the product detail page but all it does is make the image smaller and not adjust the page to the new size of the image.

How can I change the image container size so that everything else gets moved up a bit.

Logo Size
8 years ago

Where can I change the size of the logo container?

I try uploading a logo that is wider than the default and all it does is shrink the logo

8 years ago

Great! Thanks for the quick response!

8 years ago


Quick question. Right now this is what our categories look like The description text is above the products.

How can I change the position of the text so that the description shows up below the products? Is there a simple css/code change I can make to make it appear more like our current website