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8 years ago

also not sure you answered my question fully: "so just the Categories display?"

I provided a link to the page that I just want the "Categories to appear only"

8 years ago

Not in my cart - I went to Configuration/settings/catalog settings

There is no such checkbox and I checked some of the other areas also.

I even checked in "All settings"

V3.6 Electronic Theme

8 years ago

Can the products be turned off from displaying at this level:

so just the Categories display?

no images
8 years ago

can the no image graphic be universally turned off or told not to display?

8 years ago

At this level I want the product info full description to display here.

So each product

would display in available space, one on top of the other.

8 years ago

Thanks - I had just figured it out. I went to the download zip fit+ and saw the 3.6 upgrade. Had to look at the zip file though.

We are having problems installing all the plugins.

From my Technical guy

Here are the plugins for Seven Spikes (third party development people that you got the theme from).

The 4 listed do _not_ cause the cart to crash, the 9 listed cause the cart to crash if they exist in the plugins directory. We have tried and tried [should this be written as a ticket?]

1. core
2. cloud zoom
3. facebookshop
4. nopQuickTabs

crashes effect is ahat the  login page says "error message"
5. ajaxcart
6. ajaxfillters
7. anywhereslider
8. instant search
9. jCarousel
10. megamenu
11. productribbons
12. quickviews

I don't now or see what causes the error, I don't see a log file, etc. we just get the generic cart error.

Here is the cart with just the working plugins installed


8 years ago

Ok, so where does one get the update. We've updated the cart to 3.6 and the Electronic theme blows up the cart.

I would have thought that those of us that have purchased thO theme would have been notified and provided the download for for 3.6.

I've searched the site and do not find nor is available in My Account.