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8 months ago

The Contact Us Topic information displays with the Contact Us Form when the Contact Us link is selected from the Main Menu.  Selecting the Contact Us link from the front page Footer, only the topic information is displayed.  Can I get the Contact Us Form to also display from the Footer link?  Using version 4.1, thanks.

5 years ago

Thanks, Boyko.  The issue was resolved after uninstalling the Ajax Cart plugin.

5 years ago

I have an information only Alfresco-themed site with pricing and shopping cart options disabled –

  Admin-Configuration-Access Control List  
    Display Prices – all unchecked
    Enable Shopping Cart – all unchecked
    Enable Wishlist – all unchecked

  Admin-Catalog-Products-Manage Products
    On all product pages:
    Disable Buy Button – checked
    Disable Wishlist Button – checked

After upgrading NopCommerce and the Alfresco theme from version 3.20 to 3.30, a quantity box and “Buy Now” button appear when the mouse hovers over a “Featured Product” or “Related Product” item.  Is there a setting to disable this feature?

6 years ago

In some areas like Featured Products, Best Sellers, Categories, and Manufacturers pages of the Lighthouse, Alfresco, and Alicante themes, a mouse hover over a product produces the short description text to roll into the product window as an overlay from either a vertical (Lighthouse / Alfresco themes) or a horizontal (Alicante theme) direction.  Can the direction of this feature be changed or disabled?  What files would have to be modified to allow this flexibility?  I have the Alfresco theme and nopCommerce version 3.20, thanks.

6 years ago

Hi Deni,

Running the solution creates a new Widget Zone named “quick_tabs_attachment_tab” and a tab labeled “Attachments”.  It works very well if you want all your file attachments listed under one tab, thanks.  I was able to modify the “Attachments” title that would appear on the tab by changing the line “ <a href="#quickTab-attachments-in-tab">Attachments</a> “ to “ <a href="#quickTab-attachments-in-tab">Your Tab Title</a> “.

Your modifications do allow pdf files to be attached to a tab, but not really to a custom tab.  I was hoping to add new custom tabs through the Quick Tabs plugin, enter a Display Name for the tab, add the desired attachments, and map accordingly.  Granted, this seems to be considerably more work than your initial solution, but I can always hope!

6 years ago

I would like to add some pdf files to a custom tab on a Product page.  The Nop Attachments plugin adds them to different parts of the Product page depending upon the selected Widget Zone.  Would adding a custom tab as a new Widget Zone be the best way to do this?  If yes, what files would need modification?  I'm using nopCommerce 3.2, thanks.