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5 years ago

Thanks, Boyko.  The issue was resolved after uninstalling the Ajax Cart plugin.

5 years ago

I have an information only Alfresco-themed site with pricing and shopping cart options disabled –

  Admin-Configuration-Access Control List  
    Display Prices – all unchecked
    Enable Shopping Cart – all unchecked
    Enable Wishlist – all unchecked

  Admin-Catalog-Products-Manage Products
    On all product pages:
    Disable Buy Button – checked
    Disable Wishlist Button – checked

After upgrading NopCommerce and the Alfresco theme from version 3.20 to 3.30, a quantity box and “Buy Now” button appear when the mouse hovers over a “Featured Product” or “Related Product” item.  Is there a setting to disable this feature?

5 years ago

In some areas like Featured Products, Best Sellers, Categories, and Manufacturers pages of the Lighthouse, Alfresco, and Alicante themes, a mouse hover over a product produces the short description text to roll into the product window as an overlay from either a vertical (Lighthouse / Alfresco themes) or a horizontal (Alicante theme) direction.  Can the direction of this feature be changed or disabled?  What files would have to be modified to allow this flexibility?  I have the Alfresco theme and nopCommerce version 3.20, thanks.

5 years ago

Hi Deni,

Running the solution creates a new Widget Zone named “quick_tabs_attachment_tab” and a tab labeled “Attachments”.  It works very well if you want all your file attachments listed under one tab, thanks.  I was able to modify the “Attachments” title that would appear on the tab by changing the line “ <a href="#quickTab-attachments-in-tab">Attachments</a> “ to “ <a href="#quickTab-attachments-in-tab">Your Tab Title</a> “.

Your modifications do allow pdf files to be attached to a tab, but not really to a custom tab.  I was hoping to add new custom tabs through the Quick Tabs plugin, enter a Display Name for the tab, add the desired attachments, and map accordingly.  Granted, this seems to be considerably more work than your initial solution, but I can always hope!

5 years ago

I would like to add some pdf files to a custom tab on a Product page.  The Nop Attachments plugin adds them to different parts of the Product page depending upon the selected Widget Zone.  Would adding a custom tab as a new Widget Zone be the best way to do this?  If yes, what files would need modification?  I'm using nopCommerce 3.2, thanks.