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Ok, This might be my problem then. I posted a question originally and asked which folder should be uploaded.  I am in fact on 3.2.  There were 2 folders.  
MISC.Mailchimp (This has no .cs files)
NOP.Plugin.MISC.mailchimp (this has.cs files and Controller , data, etc)  I was told to upload this file.

Good day,
I am posting this here in the event its related to my Alfresco template.

I have installed the mailchimp plugin about 5 times now. I am using NOP 3.2 and NOPCommerce Theme Alfresco for 3.21.  Each time I install the Mailchimp plugin, it will error out and tell me that support is aware of the issue and will resolve soon. Or something like that.

I have had no issues ever of installing a plugin but this can't be that difficult.  
FTP into my site.
Upload the NOP.Plungin.Misc.mailchimp folder into my Plugin Folder.

I then go back to the configuration and plugins and reload list of plugins OR just scroll down and each time, it will fail and I would have to go back to the FTP app and delete that plugin folder and everything is back to normal.

Am i installing incorrectly?

Any help would be much appreciated.