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Figured it out. I just added this to the MegaMenu.css file.

.mega-menu .sublist li:hover {
background: rgba(0,0,0,0.05);

.mega-menu .sublist li:hover > a {
color: #FFFFFF;
text-decoration: none;

Thanks for the help!

10 years ago

Is there a way to remove the Alt Tags from the Menu?

All that happens is it hovers and displays what the text already reads.

Thank you!

Is there a way to change the highlight (hover) color of the subcategories in the unlimited subcategories version of the 3.2 Mega Menu?

This was the ".mega-menu .box li a:hover {" in the previous Mega Menu version.

10 years ago

Do you happen to have an estimate as to when this feature will be available?

10 years ago

Support wrote:
With the Nop Mega Menu you can show categories up to 3 levels of depth. This can be done if you uncheck the "Show products in a single menu" and use the CategoriesWithPictures option for showing the categories.

Thank you for the response. We would only need three levels but do not want to use images.

What we're looking for is something like this

Is this possible?

10 years ago

Using nop3.1

When you hover over topics in the MegaMenu the subcategories drop down. Perfect.

Now if those subcategories also have subcategories, how can we have those "third tier" categories flyout of the subcategories of the MegaMenu as well?

Basically all I'm asking is whether the MegaMenu can have a multi-level flyout system.

Thank you!

10 years ago

Yes, we uninstalled and re installed them yesterday but are still having the issue.

10 years ago

ylechasseur wrote:
Hi Guys,

I did a lot of modification on the theme (mostly CSS) and it was working well before I upgrade the Core to 3.02 for the new Ribbons (great btw).

I have an error message with ajaxfilters when loading a page using the plugin. :

The cast to value type 'Decimal' failed because the materialized value is null. Either the result type's generic parameter or the query must use a nullable type.
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.InvalidOperationException: The cast to value type 'Decimal' failed because the materialized value is null. Either the result type's generic parameter or the query must use a nullable type.

Source Error:

Line 49:     if (Model.NopAjaxFiltersSettingsModel.EnablePriceRangeFilter)
Line 50:     {
Line 51:         priceRangeFilter = Html.Action("GetPriceRangeFilter", "PriceRangeFilterSlider7Spikes");
Line 52:     }
Line 53:

Source File: d:\USNAUTIC\nopecommerce\version3.0\nopcommerce\Deployable\nop_3.00\Plugins\SevenSpikes.Nop.AjaxFilters\Views\NopAjaxFilters\NopFilters.cshtml    Line: 51

I went back on the Core and the Filter for version 3.0 and I didn't have any success. I suspecting something in the DB, could it be possible ?

if you want to test here the test site address:

Best regards


We're having this same error on a certain category page. Only one page. And it only comes up after we try to add products to that category. If no products are in that category you can view the page, but if there are you get the error (sometimes?).

Any help?

10 years ago


We are having an issue with the plugin collection showing double check boxes since switching to 3.02. Please advise on the below image.