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10 years ago

We have implemented your template for our clients and it has so far been an interesting journey with many issues that have caused us great costs to resolve and some issues regarding search still open with no end in sight.

Last week, we ran into a massive issue that caused the new production site to be crashing every 30 odd minutes.
It was related to SQL connection pool issues.

After considerable testing  and searching, we finally turned off your plugins and behold, the site stayed up.
We have had to increase the SQL connection pool size to 999 rather than the standard 100 to increase stability but your plugins are killing the site.

As we don’t have code access to the DLLs, we can’t tell you the problem but you have one.
Can you urgently look at the search and any data intensive plugins and look for issues that can cause a recursive use of sql connections blowing the pool past 100.

We have logged the problem on the NOP commerce forums under connection pools so you can see the debug details.

Your urgent help is desired to solve this problem. We will provide whatever information that is required to resolve it.

Kind regards,

Brett Cruickshank, Managing Director.

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Office  : 03 9803 5522
Mobile : 0419 631 375
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