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4 years ago

I see, thanks.

4 years ago


I'm not sure that this is related to Emporium Responsive Theme, most likely it is about the whole product including plugins.

Is Russian language pack available? I have about 1170 records in [LocaleStringResource] table where ResourceName started with 'SevenSpikes%' and ResourceValue is in English (For LanguageId = Russian).

Hi Valentin,

Thanks, it did the trick.

I have a difficult time to add Font Awesome (or any other icons font) to the theme.
The problem is related to the fact that theme is using a pseudo selector for all element to change font-family:

*:before, *:after {
    font-family: "emporium-icons";
    box-sizing: border-box;

And if I comment out that, Font Awesome start working, but theme icons stop. What would you suggest?