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9 years ago

I have customized Electronis Theme in 3.20 version..
After upgrade to nop 3.30 my customized theme did not work on 3.30..
for example Add to cart button does nothing now..What should I do?

9 years ago

Is it possible  to configure Ajax Fiter to filter on search results?If yes how? :)
It only works on category and manifacture pages..
Am I missing something?

Thank you..

9 years ago

thank you very much !

9 years ago

Hi to everyone;
I have created custom action in Catalogcontroller..Action name ise "MyHomePageProducts"

Now how this line should be for my case?

Should  it be something like that:
@Html.Action("JCarousel", "JCarousel", new {carouselName = "JCarousel Name", productModels = Catalog.MyHomePageProducts})